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Motorcycle recreational areas for around Perth

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  • Motorcycle recreational areas for around Perth

    the only 2 that i know of and have been to since i was a kid is the Gnangara pine plantation and the Pinjar motorcycle area

    every now and then i take one of my z50a's up to pinjar since it is a better area and the tracks are awesome
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    There is a Good public MC track at York


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      hey perth monkey fellas, I remember back in the day the following locations if you are talking perth cbd only:

      Thomas rd Kwinana (when the freeway finished at Thomas rd!!) plenty of bogans riding there just like the Gnangara pines!!!

      Across the road from the entry to Barbagallo raceway where the V8s run was a ripper spot - not sure if it is still a goer.

      within 1 hrs drive of perth cbd:

      we used to ride at a little place called Tudor Park - not far east of Sawyers Valley Pub - nooobody went there so you had the place
      to yourself!!! good to teach the kids. maybe 3-4 kms on the right as you pass the S V pub on Gt E/Hwy.

      going to the place eichkay is talking about this sunday as that is the bomb. taking my atc70,90,110 and maybe the qa50!!
      never been so getting horny to test the place out!!!

      also there are places ive been told in Bullsbrook from a guy I work with who lives there - will get the info if you like.

      try the Ledge Point dedicated riding area - nice black dirt and flat - good for kids too - off Wanneroo rd 10km before Lancelin dunes.

      we use to ride somewhere in Jarrahdale on the pea gravel tracks in the 1980s - cant remember when it was!!!!

      if you are planning to go I did the righty and bought an RV plate for my atc90 - cost $6 to rego and $6 for the plate which is a one off payment.
      now I get a bill once a year for $6 - you give them your chassis no and engine no - handy too if some turd steals your vintage monkey or trike.

      hopes this helps the perthy brothers + sisters - we got the best weather in aust - get onya bike and ride it like you stole it!!!!! rgds G Man.