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69 Z50A K1 From states (Rego?)

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  • 69 Z50A K1 From states (Rego?)

    Hi everyone

    Just a quick question here, if I buy a 1969 z50a k1 frame from the states can I get it registered in Victoria?

    I read that A's in general can be hard to rego in Melbourne

    Any info would be greatly appreciated

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    Hmmm ...
    If it comes with import papers ...couldn't see why not ..
    Has been done the right way before
    its engine oil madge ,,,
    Your soaking in it ,,!!


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      Thanks for the reply Dex,

      So from what I take from your reply is it would just be easier to wait and find a z50a frame from here ?


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        To "ease " things with the rego anywhere in oz .....start with an oz delivered k2 a frame /bike ..
        Theres a few on the for sale threads now .
        And members take more care with postage wrapping than flee bay/gumbytree purchases ..
        its engine oil madge ,,,
        Your soaking in it ,,!!


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          we need a sticky or similar about this.

          There are numerous z50a models all were pre compliance plate, however this is very different from pre compliance. the z50a k2U is the only model that was complianced (but no plat) for Australia. Yes there is more than one K2 version.

          Yes it can be done but not easy or cheaply your serial will bring up flags if its not in the correct range. Unless u can prove it has had previous rego (and recently as well)