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  • VM26 Fuel from overflow

    Hey all - hoping someone can help.

    Just fitted the tacky intake kit for the SH4V I put on a few weeks ago. The kit came with an inlet and a vm26. Whereas I expected to have a day of plug chopping, jet changing and overall fiddling, I've got to say, I've been happily surprised. Started easily and apart from adjusting the air screw for idle, it's been pretty good straight out of the box. Plug chop shows it's pretty good too - so I'm going to leave it as is for now.

    The issue I am having ( 'cause there is always one) is a fuel buildup and drip from the line attached to the float bowl.

    I've turned it back upwards just for this photo and to see if it actually stops level with the bowl itself - and it seems to - so I don't think it's being pushed through from the tank (but I could be wrong). The old Sheng Wey didn't do this, so I don't think it's the tap - but again - I don't know.
    fuel tube.jpg

    Any idea? or has anyone else had this problem?

    Got to say - apart from this - the carb has been great. I expected a big performance change and I definitely got it.

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    Float level may be too high, so that would be the first place to look.


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      Thanks MU - I'll pull it and have a look.

      Is there a level the float should be set at? Or it is a trial and error setting?


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        Normally the metal part of the float is level with housing face. Don't turn it right upside down if the float needle has a spring in it, about a 40 deg angle is usually enough.
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          Thanks to everyone for their suggestions - you're all pretty much spot on - it was the float.

          Of interest, I think I also had the carb a bit twisted in the manifold so to speak - which was sending the fuel to one side of the bowl and lifting the float that side, if you get my drift.