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Help... I've pulled it apart and don't know how to put it back

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  • Help... I've pulled it apart and don't know how to put it back

    Hi all,

    I got excited and pulled my motor to pieces to do a tb88 upgrade as it was pretty thrashed.

    I bought a whole bunch of gear and was keen to do the build myself learning from YouTube etc

    I even split the case to swap out the kick starter shaft about 6 months ago at the same time as I stripped the frame back to cut out the rust and re weld the cracks ( ka2 hard tail)

    Long story short I have Sunday arvo's to play with it and the reality is I'm not getting anywhere fast...the frame is done and I wanna put it all back together and get it rego'd but when I look at the motor in pieces and think about all of the wiring etc it becomes all too much.

    I'm after someone I can pay to look at what parts etc I need to get it running and then put it all back together for me so I can start doing the fun stuff.

    Can anyone help out? I'm in the Sutherland shire but I'm happy to travel to get it done!

    Cheers Danno

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    I just looked at the date I joined monkey bike oz... It's worse than I thought... I started 2 and a half years ago and still no sweet rides for me


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      So where is Loftus?


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        Sutherland shire... South of sydney


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          So close mate, don't give up.
          Old hondas don't die......they wait.


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            Bring it to Newcastle.
            For Reproduction Monkey Bike - Wiring Harness', Key switch and ignition components, repairs and custom work -


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              Ritchie at Bringelly ....


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                Ok I've changed my mind... I cleaned everything up and it's not so bad...I'll get it built the way I originally planned, with YouTube!!