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  • G'day....again

    Hi all,

    Some may remember me from a long way back, I have been out of the monkey bike scene for a while due to a lack of interest and a whole crapload of personal stuff.

    Anyhoo, I have recently picked up what was originally a Parakeet '76 J1, (The first Z i had was a '76 J1) which needs some hard core lovin' so I thought that I just might restore her to ogle at in my lounge room.
    I have lost touch over the past few years and will no doubt need some advice and opinions along the way but plan is to go back to how she rolled off the showroom floor all shiny and puuuurdy.
    Will start a build thread with some PICS shortly as I start pulling this monstrosity apart and doing a huge parts list for Jaimie.


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    Yeah there's a few people getting back into it. Enjoy
    Life is too short for cheap carbs...


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      PIX ,,!!!!
      its engine oil madge ,,,
      Your soaking in it ,,!!


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        So….been slack on the pics. Bike is in getting blasted and painted etc. parts are rolling in.
        have tried to buy oem where possible or restore what I had that was genuine Honda.
        will be a few after market parts though due to the unobtainium.
        this is what I started with, swapped the JZ tank for a J1.
        You do not have permission to view this gallery.
        This gallery has 2 photos.


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          Also swapped the white side cover for a new Parakeet beauty…
          steering stop had been botched so Neil sorted me a new one etc.
          Enhine had apparently been rebuilt prior to me purchasing, but it’s off getting inspected and tidied up too.


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            always wanted a Parakeet J1.

            Keep the pics coming Sambo, these builds take time but its all worth the effort
            "why blend in" when you can ride a HONDA mini