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Options to rectify crappy homemade wiring harness?

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  • Options to rectify crappy homemade wiring harness?

    So nearly 10 years ago I tried to resurrect a farm-find central Queensland 1982 JZ after buying and enjoying a Z50R for a while... More details in the Introductions thread.

    Bought a dodge eBay wiring harness that didn't seem to fit, so my mate bodged it for me so we had power to lights and it ran. Which was awesome at the time and I was able to register it and ride it around.

    Now I'm trying to get it sorted again and back on the road, discovered that there's no charge going to the battery and we never even installed a regulator... The flasher unit was 12v... And I have no idea where to start.

    What's the advice? Should I buy another cheapish harness and strip out the previous within and try to join it all back up? I did find Monkey Electrical on Facebook but can't justify $350 for the bare wiring harness.

    Realistically it's wired-ish. If I can figure out how to plug in the regulator, and what plugs into it, and ensure that the battery is getting charge then I'm pretty-much okay.

    Anyway, yeah, I just don't get the wiring so any advice appreciated.


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    Is the motor still 6v?

    I'm pretty sure there's just one wire that goes from the motor to the battery on a 6v system. You could start there? It won't need the 12v rec/reg

    $350 for a harness seems like it would save you a lot of headache if you're not sure about what you're doing but it would be pointless buying it if you don't have the 6v switches, ignition, etc to plug into it.

    It's a really open question you're trying to answer.
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      Thanks, yes it's still 6v and I have 6v switches, bulbs and everything. Now have 6v flasher. Thanks for the response.