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    Anyone else got car projects aswell as bikes? I've got a couple of xys and a few other old fords what have you's got...

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    Very jealous you have a "couple" of XY's!

    Recently had to sell my XD falcon and shed full of parts :-(

    Funnily enough my wife said the other day "you've just swapped Falcons for motorbikes instead haven't you"......LOL. She's onto me!
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      I'm one of the lucky ones lol my wife bought them when we first got together years ago when they were still affordable and we've carried them around for a long time so they're part of the family now' I love xds I had a phase 5 replica in Darwin and now got an xd sundowner van were trying to sell but it's funny you say that with the bike car thing cos my mrs said the same to me lol I've sold a couple of cars including my XA fairmont and replaced it with zeds


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        Ha, I've got a backyard (looks more like a wreking yard) of xa and xb falcons. 3coupes and 2 utes. Same, been moving them with me for years. Want to restore the xa fairmont coupe. Have rebuilt a 351 for it but that's as far as its got.


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          always been a coupe fan its one thats on the top of my list of owning one day


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            Always dreamed of getting a '32 or '34 ford coupe. But I want a genuine steel body, which seem too be pretty $$$$. May settle for a repro, but won't get one for a good 10 years. Paying off a house is top of the list!

            Z50aye has a nice ford.... Drool!
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