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Thread: 2 stroke monkey

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    2 stroke monkey

    Hey guys im searching around for some crazy powerful monkey bikes but all I can find is average ones.. I've got an 01 yz80 and have had a few ideas of putting the same 2 stroke motor with power band and a 6 speed box in my z50, the power would be pretty insane in my opinion has any body done this?

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    Around the world....

    125 / 250cc two smokers are common.... YZ80 = kiddie bike...... look around the UK monkey boards......
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    hey, that guy

    i've seen cbr 125 and nsr150 motors in these bikes every now and then

    the yz80 would have a way different ride performance, I remember seeing a cr80 motor on ebay for about $600

    It would be really cool to have a 2 smoker in one of these bikes and like you said the 6 speed box would be awesome!

    i'd say it'd be hard setting up a charging system if you wanted to run lights or anything, so it would mailny be a bike just for dirt in which case leave the motor in the yz cause it will be alot better off road and you can throw a cheap lifan in really easilly..

    if your keen though grab the welder and get into some fabrication work..
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    Hey That Guy, there's a great Bomberdeer frame for a project like yours in the Monkeys for sale section!

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    Just ride the yz if you want a 2 stroke. You will have to work out the engine mounts, exhaust, cos twoee's rely on their exhaust for power (expansion chamber) not to mention foot peg mounts, mounting radiators. It's an upright configured engine so you will be pushing to fit it, and like Matty said charging system set backs, not saying it can't be done but it would be costly done properly. Don't know if the chain pitches are the same either?

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