Hi guys,
Thought I would throw this up here as after 17 years i have decided to sell my big baby. All original except bars and a few other bits. I’m currently in WA but I am driving across through SA, NSW and up to Nth Qld so I can deliver within reason. If you have any queries let me know or if you know anybody who maybe interested please feel through to pass on. $3990A904D2F4-96D3-4482-9BBA-6ED4516C89F9.jpg86F9F9FD-AFDF-4F90-89C5-C4A299E826D4.jpgE268A02C-1C48-4E1D-99B5-92CF4AA698BD.jpgC900FC76-956A-42B0-B5B1-616F2249BAD4.jpg0C897967-49CF-4FDE-ADC6-C237275344B7.jpgFF9D2494-7556-4288-8697-3BC603E0BB03.jpg18BAA107-C196-42CD-BC4B-E28E5D40E3DB.jpgE0EFAA84-D6D7-4B63-A3C5-921A1C610B77.jpg