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TB108cc / KiehinPE24 troubles

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  • TB108cc / KiehinPE24 troubles


    I've tried a lot of jet combos and cannot stop plugs fouling with 108/PE24 combo. The reason for this post is to see if there is anything more I can try before trying a new carb.

    Carb was sent with Pilot 38 / Main 112. Jets were way too large.

    I've since bought and tried every combo of Pilot 35/33/32/30 and Main 102/98/93/90 and still hasn't shown much towards getting to the correct tuning.

    I'm currently running Pilot 30 / Needle slot #2 / Main 90 and am still getting a black plug which leads to fouling after approx 2-3 hours of engine running.

    The pic attached is a plug that was brand new, straight outta box. Carb settings were Pilot 30 / needle seeting #2. I started the bike and kept winding in fuel mixture screw while not going above 1/8th to 1/4qtr throttle. Got less than 1 turn from seated and minimal change if anything.


    I cant even find a Pilot jet smaller than 30 for the PE?

    All tests done without air filter on to ensure no air restriction.

    Anything more I can try or am I hunting to try a new carb?
    If trying a new carb, what recommendations to reduce fuel intake without starving top end?
    I'm willing to try Mikuni but I'm worried VM22 will be a bit small and not wind out but also worried VM26 will not provide me with opportunity to get leaner settings.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    I had my 108 dyno jetted with the mikuni vm22 10.2hp it ran really good, pulled hard! The dyno sheet is posted in the dyno section with the bike specs.


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      Have you blocked or joined the two "unneeded on our motors " breathers,?
      Will suck air in that you no doubt are richening up to compensate
      its engine oil madge ,,,
      Your soaking in it ,,!!


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        Left front of carb
        Right front of carb
        Join both together with a bit of hose
        its engine oil madge ,,,
        Your soaking in it ,,!!


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          Hi Dex,

          Yep, I’ve had em blocked.
          Just confirming on the right front card pic, you have connected the nipple that’s closest to the camera with the other side?
          If so, that’s how I have it on mine.
          Have played with float settings still with no luck.
          If I give it any ‘choke’ at all, it dies instantly which is showing I still have too much fuel entering...

          Think I’m gonna give the vm22 a go....


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            hey Dex what intake manifold is on that engine ?


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              Asia concepts ,,
              its engine oil madge ,,,
              Your soaking in it ,,!!


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                Are you shure your choke is closing? (not puling fuel via the choke)