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  • Paw Paw j1 rego

    I picked up a complete paw paw j1 in less than average condition on the weekend but Iím not in a position to spend a lot of money or time on a rebuild. First priority is getting it over the pits and then down the track I can spend money on it when it becomes available.

    At the moment the bike looks like itís been ridden hard there is a lot of superficial surface rust, the wiring loom has been cut up, exhaust is all rusted ect But the compliance plate is fine and the engine has good compression with no oil leaks (or there is no oil left in it haha)

    I guess my question is can I scrooge and just do the minimum to get it over the pits?

    Full Service
    New tyres
    Rebuild the brakes
    Rebuild the forks
    Sort out the wiring
    Aftermarket Speedo, headlights, indicators and bracket
    Aftermarket exhaust
    General clean up of the bike ready for the pits

    Or will the inspectors take one look at the bike and tell me there is no chance. I guess if I tick all the boxes what can they say?

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    Piccies pl0x

    As long as everything works engine doesn't smoke and the tyres are good should be no problem also make sure you get the inspector on a good day and not in a bad mood
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      tbz - talk to the "senior members" of the Perth Minibike Men.

      there are new rules for rego in Perth and some bikes have passed

      good luck with it then attend the Mandurah Run in 30 days.

      g man.