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  • Wiring Diagrams

    Here are some Monkey Bike Wiring Diagrams:

    Z50JZ Wiring Diagram:

    Z50JP Wiring Diagram:

    ST50 Wiring Diagram:

    ST70 Wiring Diagram:

    SL70 Wiring Diagram:

    XR75 Wiring Diagram:


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    In the second diagram down, there is a black and red wire that runs from the stator to the CDI unit which says power to CDI. The loom I have used has this also but the stator on my engine does not have this wire. The rest of my wiring seems to work fine except I have no spark at the plug. Could this be my problem, and should I run this wire elsewhere or leave it hanging. Or have I got the wrong loom?
    Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks Sean


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      black and red wire could be neutral switch from memory, put a multimeter on it and put the bike in gear.

      also make sure your coil is earthed properly
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        Nah the green and red is the neutral switch and I have the neutral light on the dash working, so thats all good. But I will check the earth again. Thanks Matty.


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          Tried a CDI, regulator and coil from a working bike today and still no spark, bike is basically wired like the second diagram but has an elec start circuit also. Does no one know what the red-black wire from the CDI to the stator does?


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            Looks to me like the red/black is 12V supply to the CDI, but the juice is only there when the motor is turning (running or being kicked over). I don't know for sure and certain, but if it was my bike, I'd hook the red/black to the solid black (12V switched through the ignition) and see what that did. If possible, I'd checked the voltage at the CDI on the red/black wire and also the solid black wire on the working bike first, just to be sure. Check it with the bike off, then with the bike running. If it's all 12V, then I'd give it a go. I'm not sure why the red/black comes straight from the generator, maybe, and it's just a bit of a guess, being a Capacitive Discharge Ignition, when the bike is switched off, it gives the capacitors a discharge path, maybe...
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              The running bike that I have here does not have the red-black wire coming from the stator, but that is what I was thinking as the diagram above says it is power to the CDI, so I can't see what switched power could hurt? Dunno much about wiring but am having a go, it's starting to do my head in though I just want to ride it now.


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                I'd be confident enough to give it a go... If the smoke comes out, you have to try and get it back in real quick, electronic stuff runs on smoke, once it's out it won't work... Pretty confident you'll be right.
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                  Too easy I might aswell give it a go as I have had no other suggestions, and I was sot of thinking down the same path. I'm pretty happy with what I have done so far though, I've made my own loom prettywell from scratch blinkers, high low beam, brake and tail lights are working, digital dash is working fine and the start system is winding over, just no spark. I have done away with the on off switch for the headlights also.


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                    Tried it Robbo, no smoke no damage and no f@#kin spark, any suggestions. It seems I have all you wiring guru's stumped too éh?


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                      Does the running bike have all the same wires coming from the CDI? (Green, yellow/black, yellow/blue, red/black, black/white). If it's the same, you might have to somehow trace out where the red/black one goes to, it must go somewhere. If I understand correctly, the CDI has a red/black, but the stator doesn't. I don't know too much about these ignition systems just yet, I just know what steps I'd take to try and sort it... Let me know how you go, the problem my not lie in the red/black, it could be in the pulse signal, maybe there's no pulse coming from the stator... Also, just double check that when the key is in the ON position, that the black/white wire at the CDI is not connected to ground, cause that's how the spark gets killed. There is one way to make sure that the pulse signal is all good, but it's a fair bit off mucking around...
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                        I got it wrong on the running bike it has the same as the diagram I referred to above
                        Stator wires are;
                        1. blue/white
                        2. black/red
                        3. white
                        4. yellow
                        5. green
                        could it be that the regulators I have don't match my stator? The loom that came with the YX did not plug up to the regulator they supplied, but the loom I modified did. Also came with no CDI, I have 2 different ones here, one is like this
                        And the other is like this..


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                          Sorry man, but I'm out of ideas... Having a quick read there seems to be two types of stators on the YX150, an inner and an outer rotor kit, not 100% sure, maybe the problem lies there. Just another thought, maybe the CDI power comes directly from the stator cause it needs to be AC? There is a fair bit of info on different wiring systems here


                          Down the left hand side of the tech data are some different wiring diagrams. Maybe they may be of some help... Let me know how you go cause I've exhausted all of my ideas...
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                            Thanks for all your help Robbo, I'll check it out. I might have to take it to the bike shop yet and make them work onit, as they don't really want to.
                            I will also contact DHZ tomorrow and see wether they have any suggestions.


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                              So I have found out that the regulator will have nothing to do with the spark and coil side of thing, so that eliminates that. Can anyone tell me how to test a coil and stator?
                              Thanks Sean