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stock as a rock Z50J oil change

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  • stock as a rock Z50J oil change

    a real newbie question. As Im restoring the Z50 I dropped the oil out of the engine, over a litre or more. Is this normal? What oil do I replace it with 10w40, 10w50? how much? AND do the clutch and bottom end share the same oil?
    I usually drain one lot of oil on the other bikes I have because they are 2 strokes and its the transmission oil.
    this will complete the last piece of the puzzle, I hope

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    One oil for the whole motor.

    Originally posted by Classic Honda 50's View Post
    Use the same oil on the clutch as you will be running in the engine.

    Castrol Activ 4T, Motul 3000 or Torco 4T Mineral oils.
    still learning.....


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      thanks, I thought so. in the owners manual from 1980 says 10w50, 800mls


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        should only be 800 ml of oil in there ..
        its engine oil madge ,,,
        Your soaking in it ,,!!


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          Ill post a pic tomorrow how much came out, it was alot more than that!!


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            Hey rat50 make sure you don't use car engine oil as it has friction modifiers and stuff added to it which will make the clutch slip, some penrite car oils are usable and will say so on the container HPR gas is one I think


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              thanks alternative in the manual was the 10w50...