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JZ frame guru's ?

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  • JZ frame guru's ?

    Hi all,
    I've just finished stripping my JZ project, and have discovered a few issues I was hoping not to have and looks like my frame is going to need a bit of serious attention before proceeding.

    Can anyone confirm that the rear brake pedal shaft, is supposed to be loose, or, float in the RH side hole in the frame ? the J1 frame has the shaft fixed (welded) to both sides of the bottom section of the frame which is much stronger and less prone to wear. Is the JZ different? Or can I weld that up so it's nice and solid? (see attached photo - where arrow is - the shaft can wobble up and down in this hole in the frame)
    20190909_160821_LI (Large).jpg
    It seems that the frame is bent where the LH side of the brake shaft is welded to the frame. Perhaps, if it had have been welded on the RH side, it wouldn't have bent!

    Also, the engine mount holes are worn oval badly - So I assume the best course of action is to weld on a thick washer to the outside of the holes??

    20190909_172119 (Large).jpg20190909_172159 (Large).jpg20190909_172338 (Large).jpg
    Bit of massaging back into shape for the bottom cradle part of the frame, and maybe I'll reinforce it at the same time. The rear shock mounts are also quite bent, so they'll need a talking to, and I may try and sleeve them to stiffent them up a bit.

    The only other major concern is one of the side cover mounts. It was flattened by some crash or meteor from space or something, but when i heated it and bent it back, it was evident its, quite soft and probably should be replaced or stiffened up. What would you guys do? Make a new one or just tack another one inside it?
    20190909_172301 (Large).jpg

    Frame is salvagable with some work, but if come across a good frame with a compliance plate at the right price, I might just hang it on the wall...

    Funny thing is, after working on my '77 J1, it seems this 1980 JZ frame is WAY weaker than the J1.

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    Just looked at my 2 jz frames and 1 was welded and 1 wasn't. Checked my current ride by and it doesn't seem to be welded too.

    You can bend the shock mounts back in place. I did that to the 2 frames i bought recently.
    still learning.....


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      Thanks Oldbikes75... Funny changes they make to things over the years.


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        just run a weld on the inside of the brake shaft, come across it all the time they flog out over time