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Anyone running a JZ takegawa z style exhaust?

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  • Anyone running a JZ takegawa z style exhaust?

    Prob a bit late to ask the question I've ordered the z style takegawa exhaust to put on the JZ with 88kit, race head and carb I wanted to keep the stock look, what's your thoughts on sound, performance ect are they any bigger than the stock pipe to help it breath better or is it a waste of time going for the stock look to achieve that?

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    You picked the right pipe.
    Life is too short for cheap carbs...


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      It just got it delivered today from webike didn't think its was going to get here that quick, looks pretty good and bigger than the stock which I was worried about hopefully it fits easy as well cant wait to see how it goes and sounds.


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        they look and sound great.
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          Just put it on sounds good not to loud which is what I wanted, and it rides a lot smoother with it on I think it's definitely letting it breath more so definitely happy with it. once the carb is jetted and tuned it should be all sweet.