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Daytona DOHC Head - Clicking Noise

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  • Daytona DOHC Head - Clicking Noise

    Hoping one of the other Daytona DOHC owners may be able to help me out before I go through the hassle of pulling the head apart.

    I have finally started putting my DOHC engine together, but after fitting the head and checking everything still turns over smoothly I have encountered this clicking noise whenever either IN or EX cam passes the highest point on the lobes - not at the highest point, but just after it, in both directions.
    The head is brand new. Piston is right way up. No plug installed, so no compression.
    Is this normal for these finger-follower heads (first one I've ever owned) or is something amiss here? I can't see anything moving when the click is made. Apologies about the shaky video, was using the same hand to try and hold the engine still.

    Going to borrow a videoscope from work and have a poke around tonight. Had disconnected timing chain to make sure bottom end still spun freely, might try that again and turn over head to make sure its not the timing chain system. Definitely coming from the cam/valve area though.

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    I'm not able to listen to the audio, saids 'This video is private'?

    I don't know if it is normal or the same but i had a similar noise. I remember going what the... but could not work out what it was. I was thinking valve piston contact? but checked the timing marks and it was right and i think i may have pulled the head off to check for contact/marks on the valves/piston as well but nothing. It sounded like a slack in the cam timing chain hitting he head somewhere after it rolls over the top of the lobes... it was a very noticeable, distinct click like a ratchet click. So that was what i put the noise down to and forgot all about it... I remember thinking at the time whether the engine will blow up if I start it so was looking forward to Paulie starting his first... . Months later i had forgotten all about it and fired up the engine and it was fine, or maybe the exhaust was just too loud to hear anything.


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      Sounds exactly like what I am getting. I will try and fix the video so you can hear it. I just find it odd being brand new that it would have such a noise, but perhaps its normal?


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        Video should be fixed now.


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          same clicked sound except a little muffled compared to yours ( i didn't have the inspection cap opened). I don't remember rocking it backwards like that or remember a sound when rocking backwards that slow. Sorry for being a bit vague mate, prob over a year now. I was turning my flywheel forward (anticlockwise) and getting that sound once per flywheel rotation. I had the spark plug installed.


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            Cheers babu. My phone makes it sound a lot louder than it is. Couldn't find anything out of the ordinary with the videoscope, but watching the cam chain tension I suspect it may be just free play in the cam gears, and the sound is the teeth meshing under the force of the valve springs. Will do some more checking tonight to put my mind at ease.


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              It appears to be just the backlash in the cam gears. Time to continue with the build...