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Help pinpoint 12v jz issue.

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  • Help pinpoint 12v jz issue.

    Motor is not running at moment I'm awaiting a new kick start.

    However bike has been sitting for years, with ignition switch is on I have no lights horn nothing. Battery is brand new just tryi g to figure out what where would be the best place to start it.

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    Earth on the aircleaner bolt ,,
    check all wiring connections
    wd in the ignition switch ,,” gummed up conetion points in the switch ,,corrosion
    its engine oil madge ,,,
    Your soaking in it ,,!!


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      Cheers mate

      In theory I should have 0 ohms between bat neg and air cleaner.

      Ill rip out ignition switch and try to bell it out. The switch is mounted in head light bucket I thought that shorts the coil but still should have 12v on switch block for horn lights ect ect.

      ​​Work also stocks inox so will give it a good going over.

      All my multimeters at home are dead flat so I'll also grab some 9v's from work.