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Tekegawa SS Outer Rotor issues, help me Tom Cruise, help me Baby Jesus......

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  • Tekegawa SS Outer Rotor issues, help me Tom Cruise, help me Baby Jesus......

    I got a complete Taki 123 4v motor from Webike recently and taken it on a few rides, having sorted the jetting out I'm onto my second problem, it doesn't produce enough electricity to fill my battery up Adrian has given me a few ideas that could fix the problem but electricity is like voodoo magic to me! everything else no problem.

    so this is what I've got:

    I've been using a GPX that had a Lifan stator on it for nearly 18 months with zero issues, even on night rides, all my lights are LED and the wiring harness was setup as AC (I think) where the stator runs into the battery, and everything runs off the battery. I tried keeping the motor high up in the rev range yesterday to see if that would work, but still lost the battery after about 50kms.

    Has anyone else had this issue? what did they do to fix it? is it as simple as using the second stator wire to run the headlight while leaving the rest how it was?

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    Your gpx system sound like a full wave system which everything run off battery. The taki is half wave, headlight, taillight and Speedo run off stator (engine); indicators, horn, brake light run off battery. Do u have a photo of your reg/rec?
    still learning.....


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      Thanks Old bikes, it looks like I might need to do some re-wiring over the next few weeks and wire that other wire into the headlight/taillight and speedo. Here's the regulator I'm using, will I need a different one?


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        This is usually a half wave

        Usually full wave
        still learning.....


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          Recon i have a spare 1/2 wave taki one if you need...


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            Thanks Old Bikes.

            Babu, thanks for the offer mate, but between myself, John and Paul we'll probably have a few of those lying around

            Ok, SHOULD the half wave rectifier fix my problem? or just go along way TO fixing it?

            Thanks guys.


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              Try replacing the reg/rect first, if it doesn't work, from what Thomas has suggested is you may need to take the tail light, head light and speedo feed currently going to the battery and connect it direct to the stator instead. If all else fails, just get the 40th or CF Posh loom and replace the whole wiring loom


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                Like Thuc suggested you can tried to find out but i will run at least the headlight from stator.
                still learning.....


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                  Thank you gentlemen, you're all road scholars


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                    Just a small update for anyone interested put a half wave rectifier on the bike and looks to have worked. Had some jetting problems with the Yoshi carb and spend about 3 hours in an industrial park trying to jet the thing last Saturday before just riding home on the pilot jet (The Yoshi carb's have a weird needle that needs to be located properly otherwise it won't work - Adrian picked that one up!). So with most of the day running around on low rpm it still had enough juice in the battery to run the headlight and indicators later that night so must've been charging it.

                    Was hoping to take it for a long run this Saturday but Perth has decided to rain all weekend! might get a break tomorrow afternoon so we'll sneak out and get a quick ride in if we can, and see how she goes.