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Drilling hubs to suit JZ brake cams

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  • Drilling hubs to suit JZ brake cams

    I want to use my Takegawa extended brake levers on my CRF50 hubs but wanted to see if the comparison is similar to Z50A hubs. It looks to me that the JZ cams might be too long even if I drill them to accept the diameter. Just hoping that someone could put up a photo of an A brake cam next to a JZ item? See pic below for CRF vs JZ.

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    A cams are smaller diameter than the JZ cams.


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      A bit of grinding of the hub and drilling to fit jz cams. I also noted a difference in thickness at the brake shoe end which required attention as after fitment, the shoes were scrapping. Still havent got it quite right yet. Not sure if you can switch hub plates between A and JZ etc.


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        someone posted about shuddering brakes when they tried this before .
        its engine oil madge ,,,
        Your soaking in it ,,!!


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          I don't know if it would work but couldn't you make a spacer say out of alloy, to take up gap caused by extra length?
          I also thought all the backing plates were interchangeable.
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