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  • J1 Replacement fuel caps


    Anyone got a source for older style fuel caps for J1 tanks?

    If you get a new replacement cap these days (Its a JZ+ fuel cap with PN 17620165642), its much larger cap and sits much higher on the tank fuel neck, and this doesn't look right on the older J1 tanks. JZ and repro J1 tanks (4L) come with lower fuel cap necks which suit the new cap style, but I haven't found any caps to suite older tanks.

    Anyone know of the older J1 style fuel caps?


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    Aren't ATC70 one's the same. I'm sure someone will correct me if not. :-)
    Once I thought I was wrong, I was mistaken


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      The ones with GAS stamped
      On them peter
      its engine oil madge ,,,
      Your soaking in it ,,!!


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        Heres the two types of caps (JZ on left, J1 on right):

        The issue is the part that fit under the lip of the spout on the tank are further down on the JZ cap, making the JZ cap sit higher up compared to the J1 cap.

        You can get the JZ in two types, lockable and with an on/off turn lever.

        Heres a J1 tank with a J1 cap, looks about right:

        Heres a J1 tank with a JZ cap, just sticks out too much:

        Heres the JZ tank with the 2 types of JZ caps (you cant fit a J1 cap on a JZ tank):

        Anyone come across any reproduction caps that match J1 caps?



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          Have you tried Honda Dealership ive just ordered a j1 from Honda coming from ex japan?


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            Gday Alfie,

            I would be interested to know what part number they used, the original number is 17620-045-670/671, although its now superseded by 17620165642 (I got that number from CMSNL as I'm lazy at the moment, although it matched the details when I originally got the cap from Japan). I wouldn't be surprised if you got the 642 style cap with that order, let me know what turns up!

            These days I keep an eye out on ebay etc, although most of them are pretty corroded.



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              Jaimie's got some coming, they're on a row boat with a one armed oarsman, according to his GPS, he's in the middle of the Timor sea.
              Once I thought I was wrong, I was mistaken