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Takegawa 148 clutch

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  • Takegawa 148 clutch

    Hi guys

    Just wondering if there is anything I can do to help my clutch slipping
    Iv got takegawa 148 4valve crate motor so has Taki 5 speed and Taki clutch the motor has 3000klm
    On it and I find if iv give it a bit of a flogging and shift really guick at high rpm and jump on the throttle hard it will slip it doesn’t do it if I load it up in a high gear and rev it out just when I shift fast and power on hard I find if as soon as it goes to slip if I back of quickly and get back on it it’s ok.?

    Iv tried motul synthetic oil and mineral oil and both do it I’m wondering if I need different clutch springs or has anyone over come this problem any other way.?


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    Throw some new clutch plates in?

    Has it done it from New? Have you adjusted the clutch?
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      Iv only owned it for about 600klm other owner never had it happen to him it’s prob just the way I ride it

      Is the clutch adjustable.?


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        I put heavier clutch springs in my big bike as after cam swapping I was getting a lot of slip - not sure if the same rules apply for Zs?????
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          I don’t think they are adjustable so clutch springs might be the only way to go


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            You can adjust it on the lever in case you got cable stretching
            Life is too short for cheap carbs...