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  • and be twice the price


    • Well it's been nearly 18 months since the old girl had a freshen up and she's looking a little worse for wear and broken a few things like oil coolers (the motor movement transferred through the thicker oil lines and cracked the oil cooler), plus she's done nearly 12,000km's since I got her on the road in December 2016, so took the opportunity to give her a new paint job, add a few new items and give her a really good clean. All stripped down and parts off to the painters.

      I was going to go with a different colour and liked this from Harley.

      But discussions with my painter (1st Class Panel & Paint in Kelmscott who has a few monkey bikes of his own) a few months back, we ended up going with this for a different look:

      New swing arm and Daytona's in the front (thanks to Ryel83), new tyres and the painted guards on

      And her she is in her new prom dress!

      Very happy with the job Wayne's done on it, have to try my best not to scratch it now!


      • That new colour combo looks great! A bit different to the norm which is a good thing too.

        Also good effort on the km traveled. At my current rate I will have to live to 150 to get anywhere near that


        • Originally posted by Magilla View Post
          So - that motor having a "4SM" prefix - that means it's got a different head stud pattern to a normal z50 motor, yeah?
          Yes it does


          • New matt candy apple red colour definitely stands out now. Much nicer than the sand colour.