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  • A few more weeks of riding and then BANG! the dashboard just stops working FAAAARK, when it rains it a new dashboard was ordered and Haysey stated if I was going to do that I might as well buy a whole new wiring harness, just in case it was a short within that.
    All the parts practically arrived within the same week.

    So the engine parts went off to Tinman and myself and Haysey stripped the top of the bike back and proceeded to replace the wiring hardness..

    New (top) and old (bottom) Dash


    • Nice, one - but how the hell did you get parts in under a week??

      I recently ordered some headers from my big bike for UK - ordered Sunday and arrived Friday, but that's out of the ordinary for OS parts!
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      • no the parts all arrived within the same week, I ordered the engine parts 4 weeks before and the other parts over the next 2 weeks. The fastest I've had parts arrive is about 7 days, and that's them landing in Melbourne and being shipped over here to WA, it would only be 3-4 days if I lived over there. I always use EMS (second fastest as FedEx charged me tax last time, so don't want to try them again) when I buy from Webike.