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  • Ricky's JZ build

    I started a thread about building this thing nearly 12 months ago and for the life of me I can't find it, so I'll start again here

    Firstly I know whatever I bought I'd strip it down and start again, so just started from scratch and bought a frame, it's an import frame so needs to go over the pits and I'll drop it past an Engineer too as I want to put a 125cc in it. I wanted a black and white theme with all the fitting chrome, so most of the bike will be black, and the headlight, guards, tank and covers white.

    Painted it black:

    Decided on the GPX125 as I couldn't justify a Taki motor, but have since ridden a few of the guys bikes over here with them in and I've have seen the light but I'll look down that path once this thing starts getting tired. As this is a dirt bike motor I needed a stator and got the OKO 26 carby from DHZ when I bought it.

    Then painted it black but left all the bolts and fittings chrome to keep some colour in it.

    Motor fitted with carby and fitted to the frame.

    I wanted a custom headlight setup so spend a few months looking for a headlight that I thought would fit, and found this Harley headlight that I thought would look good:

    It had all the right dimensions but I knew it was too long, but didn't realise how much longer! so I just cut the back of it off, (it's aluminum), cut a piece of hard plastic to fit, and then bogged it up:

    It now looks like this:

    I now needed to make the new mount for this headlight as it bolted from the bottom, so bought the front folks:

    And preceded to modify it, I realised I didn't need the steering lock so took that off and removed the other part from the frame to clean it up.

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    You can only attach a maximum of 15 photos per post, so here is part 2.....

    So it looked like this after everything was removed, and the tab to bolt the headlight on was added.

    It was waaaay too long so I shortened it and cleaned it up.

    As the front guard fits flush under the new plate, the bolt holding the headlight on needed to be counter sunk.

    All painted up and fitted:

    This has created a few new problems, but I'll go into those next time.


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      This it


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        What paint did you use on the motor?
        still learning.....


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          Ahhh there it is.

          Originally posted by OldBikes75 View Post
          What paint did you use on the motor?
          I used these two (paint and clear), had to do a bit of homework as I found out if you use the wrong clear the heat sends your motor yellow!


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            Headlight, dashboard and front guard fitted:

            With a completely new headlight it meant I had to rethink the gauge cluster and key barrel, so I went the Taki dash (grabbed it from Ryel83) and was lucky to find the new headlight didn't fowl it!

            And then just moved the key barrel under the tank (thanks again to Ryel83 )

            The horn was the next problem, I couldn't fit it facing forward as the light was too wide, so had to mount it side on, and it fitted it with mm's to spare on lock to lock.


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              Lucked out with the guage cluster .
              Like the ground down fins on the top end .
              The monochromatic look will be a different take on things .
              its engine oil madge ,,,
              Your soaking in it ,,!!


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                Thanks Dex, yeh I've mocked up the bike in the colour scheme and it shouldn't look too bad

                The back end, Takegawa rack and tail lights (including LED indicators) are all fitted:

                Rear swing arm and suspension is also fitted. I wanted Daytona suspension but Webike no longer sends suspension through the mail, even tried sea freight but they wouldn't have a bar of it, told me they would not jeopardise their relationship with Japan Post, so had to find a set on Ebay AND in Australia, these were the best I could get, time will tell if they're any good
                Rear swing arm is a +4

                Wiring is the current target, slowly getting through it with the help of Haysey each weekend, as the front light doesn't have a hole in it so the wires can be hidden inside, I'll run all the wires from the front back and join everything under the tank, this should really clean the front up and have minimal wires exposed. Also need to modify the neutral switch as for some reason the switch doesn't line up when in neutral so is just a case of modifying that.

                Tyres and brakes will be next, they should be the next day or two, then just wait for the next shipment from Webike to get here (leaving on the 1st of May) and it should almost be complete and ready for the Engineer and pits.


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                  Any shocks going to be better than stock springs only..


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                    True, but I still want what you have


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                      Nice looking bike so far :-)
                      If you listen carefully you can hear rhubarb growing


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                        Thanks darkman

                        Tyres fitted. Still waiting on brake parts before I can fit them all up, and the back tyre still needs to come off as I don't have any adjusters yet, and the rear sprocket will be changed to a 32t.

                        Got bored so mocked it up again to see how she looks, I have a feeling the handle bars maybe too short (they're the mid range Daytonas) so I'll see how they go but might have to get the higher ones. tyres look a little strange but I don't know if that's just me, and of course the bike looks high as it's not sitting on the ground. There's still alot missing like all the pedals, decals, exhaust and oil cooler, that should break up the black a bit more, but most of that won't go on until after it's been over the pits (standard exhaust will be on it to get it registered so the oil catch can will only go on when the after market exhaust is fitted).


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                          You might find a 28t rear will be more suitable for that motor..


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                            I have a 30t and 32t coming in my next order, I'll start with the 32t and work my way down until I get a perfect combination, that way I can keep the same chain and keep shortening it, instead of starting at 28t and lengthening it each time. There is a method to my madness


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                              How many teeth is the front sprocket ,?
                              And are they 420 ones on gpx ,?
                              its engine oil madge ,,,
                              Your soaking in it ,,!!