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  • Winter Build Off - Motodevo

    Life is too short for cheap carbs...

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    Here's the start of my build. Comp j1 frame I scored last year at the Melbourne Cup day swap meet in Croydon for $75 and a $30 s/h j1 tank. Have a set of j1 forks but that would be too easy, might shorten some pitty forks for it just for something different. Engine wise I have afew chingas (86cc,110cc,125cc) or if i get motivated i will build up an xr70 bottom end i scored for $10(stuffed crank, stroker?)
    I could have cheated and just used this 82 R thats ready to pull down and paint, but thats not keeping in the spirit of the build off, as my old teacher used to say, I'd only be cheating myself.


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      only if you know that your cheating


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        Started digging thru the shelves in the shed to see what i can use, quickly threw these bits together, not sure if its the direction i want to go for but its a start


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          so it was you that cornered the xr/xl swing arm market ..
          have them everywhere mate ..
          its engine oil madge ,,,
          Your soaking in it ,,!!


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            This ones an sl70 so slightly shorter than an xr (1 or 2 cm), the R has an xr75 swingarm, who knows Dex it might have come off your xr75!


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              right ,,
              your off the christmas card list with that one ....
              its engine oil madge ,,,
              Your soaking in it ,,!!


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                Originally posted by MOTODEVO View Post
                This ones an sl70 so slightly shorter than an xr (1 or 2 cm), the R has an xr75 swingarm, who knows Dex it might have come off your xr75!
                You have two parts of brain, 'left' and 'right'. In the left side, there's nothing right. In the right side, there's nothing left.


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                  Sorry for the dig Dex but every time i hear or think of xr75 i immediately think of your longing to find your first 2 wheeled love. The weather was actually sunny today (ok I'm in Melbourne so sunny means not raining heavily) so i got a few hours in playing around with the bike inbetween drinking stubbies. Had an idea what i wanted the front end/headlight to look like, so i chopped up an old st90 bash guard, and mated a pe250 headlight to an old driving light bucket



                  I like how it turned out, a little bit different and suits my vision of the bike perfectly. Scrounged the shelves and found some old chrome rims i think i bought off matty years ago when he was POWER696969 (or something like that). Also found 2 brand new (but mismatched) tyres so they will go on the bike. Had and old downpipe that will go on it too.



                  Not really digging the seat, that's pretty much it for today
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                      Its all good devo . .
                      Some mongrel has it sitting in their pool room , mounted over their fireplace ,whilst sipping brandy in a smoking jacket ....******* ,!

                      Front end setup sort of reminds me of the low light chalys
                      its engine oil madge ,,,
                      Your soaking in it ,,!!


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                        Been a bit lazy of late, working too much plus the missus's parents went overseas for the last 2 weeks so all my spare time had been spent watching the kids while she kept the business going.
                        Dug through the shed to find what parts were laying around that i could use. Had a change of heart on the front end and long swinger, i cant really afford a motor that would require a long swing arm anyway.
                        So here's how it's probably going to end up. It is an 86cc china motor from a Thumpstar 90 Cee Cee i bought years ago, bashed on a gt80 rear guard until the radius was more suited to an 8 inch wheel rather than a 14 inch and gave it a small duck tail, still not perfect but close. Have a heap of brackets and bits to make so everything will work, thats tomorrow's task. Chucked the tyres onto the chrome rims but not happy with the look so i might have to spend a few bucks this week on tyres. Wanna have her rideable by next weekend so i can see if I'm happy with it and everything works then i will pull it down for paint.IMG_201507252795.jpg


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                          Coming along quicker than mine I think
                          ​Too many bikes, not enough ride days.


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                            Been a bit lazy the last few weeks. Decided to pull down the motor as there was a little bit of play in the crankshaft. Ended up a .1mm takegawa shim was spot on. While i had the cases split i figured i might as well swap out the 3 speed this motor had for a 4 speed i had from a junked motor i had sitting on the shelf. Wasn't until i put in the 4 speed that i realised the old Thumpstar motor(Jialing) had a honda style transmission and so a generic china 4 speed wouldn't work as the shafts were different sizes. Slightly disapointing but i have to say this 86cc Jialing is much nicer quality wise than all the other chinese motors i have opened up, it always felt like a strong little motor.


                            Had to slightly tweak the shift arm on reassembly to get it shifting smoothly. Decided to break out the wrinkle paint to freshen up the clutch and stator covers.


                            And finally reassembled it today. Used a ct110? inlet manifold because it was the right size and the bend keeps the carb nice and low/close to the motor and doesn't interfere with the tank. The carb is a $15 chinese knockoff pz19 carb, for $15 its not worth cleaning up an old carb and from past experience they are a doddle to get dialed in in a couple minutes. I have used them on 50,70 and 110cc before with no dramas.


                            Just started putting the wheels/hubs together, stopped in a bike shop the other day and just as i was leaving i saw 2 Bridgestone Trailwing 2's up on the top shelf. I figured i had to buy them as i have never seen them in a bike shop before so my bike will be rolling on trailwings just as Honda intended


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                              keep the pix coming devo ..

                              wrinkle looks good ,,
                              any extra ,,?
                              do the kicker
                              its engine oil madge ,,,
                              Your soaking in it ,,!!