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SL70 Ignition Switch Bypass

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  • SL70 Ignition Switch Bypass

    Hi All,

    Just picked up a 71 SL70 the other day.

    The bike is 100% original condition & has been in storage for the past decade (& therefore has not been started).

    Unfortunately its missing the ignition key. So until I have a new one made up, I want to bypass the ignition switch.

    Any ideas?


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    You can undo the multi pin square plug at the motor and run a single wire from points to coil. I think it's the black and white wire you need from points.


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      Neat looking bike. are good for replacement keys if you didn't already know.


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        drop into a locksmiths ,,,
        take the lock with you , they will just use the code stamped on it .

        ohh ,,, neat score by the look of it .
        its engine oil madge ,,,
        Your soaking in it ,,!!


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          Thanks guys. Super helpful info. I will take in the lock as Dex mentioned.

          The bike is in quite good condition overall. I am really happy with it. as far as I can tell everything is original....even the battery & spark plug!

          I will slowly do a restore over time. But before then, I am going to get it Rego'd and ride it around Melbourne!...maybe even into the city for work. :P

          P.S. Thanks retroresto77 for the website. I didn't know about that one. I will hopefully find an OEM key from there too.


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            Nice bike. If your in Melbourne we'll have to catch up for a ride once my XL70 is on the road.


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              I know Monkey Tom has heaps of original Honda keys from the 70's, give him a try if you have the key number.


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                Hi Scoot. Thanks for the offer.

                I have a collection of 8 50's and NONE of them are currently running...Anyway I am working on getting one of my JZ's and the SL70 to run. Happy to catch up after that.


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                  Dex, great info.

                  Took it in and they read the code and 5 mins later came back with a key.


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                    It might be the same as a z50 where you can just unplug the ignition switch & it will go. The ignition switch only earths the coil so when it's unplugged, the coil should work.
                    ​Too many bikes, not enough ride days.