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Gas tank question please

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  • Gas tank question please

    Hi there, i have a few z50 wich I won’t be using anytime soon. Im planing to remove the original tanks for storage and wen ever I want to ride them just use a few aftermarket tanks I purchased.
    Tanks presently have some gas, im going to empty them.
    How is the best way to store them to avoid rust?
    Put Any oil inside?
    Brand? Viscosity? Best oil to be used?
    Should i clean them for any gas residual?
    Suggestions please.
    thank you

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    you could put 2 stroke fuel in them but i'd just spray some WD40 in em.
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      Any sort of oil will work. I'd either use 10w40 or a 2 stroke oil. Just remembering the more you put in the more you have to flush out later.
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