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Honda ct70 i need some advice please

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  • Honda ct70 i need some advice please

    Hello, i need some inputs and advice from you guys.
    After a long search for the perfect ct70 on a budget not destroyed and mostly original i finally found a nice machine.
    Honda ct70 1975
    Some rust on frame and chromes, please look at pictures and tell me what you think? Also how can i clean up the chrome from rust and improve the frame.
    Where can i find a fuel tank? Plastic or metal?
    What do you think about the pictures of the inside of the bike, how it looks? Healthy? What can i use to prevent the rust from continue growing inside and outside the frame?

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    To do the chrome, sit the parts in oxyalic acid for a while. It will clean it up. It isnít perfect, but will do an excellent job on it. Oxyalic acid is deck and balcony cleaner from Bunnings or any other hardware store. Check the ingredients on the back of the bottle to make sure itís the right stuff