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  • Out for a ride

    Argie and I took the groms for a ride to bald hill and through Wollongong yesterday, his red grom is a beautiful machine with tasteful mods,
    looks like theres no more planned rides on here these days.....
    if anyone is keen to make a ride meet lets get it organised
    anyone remember the monkey meet days? that was a good time!
    happy new year!

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    The last monkey meet was a while ago now, it was held at Murwillumbah which has some great Monkey roads to ride. Unfortunately it seems not many are willing to travel to a great location

    good to see you and Argie out and about


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      Yes I remember, although I didnít attend.
      seems no one is on here anymore, spose everyone moves on eh
      catch up for a grom ride soon if you guys get keen


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        No reason Groms and Monkeys canít ride together. Maybe set a date around May and see what response you get.

        the Gong is a great area to ride, and Iím sure I can muster a couple to bring with me

        What do you think ? Any others on the forum interested?


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          i'm in if i'm in town for sure


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            This could be a thing Iím keen


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              Pity you boys aren't in Perth, we head out for a ride every Saturday and if others want to join us they do, if not it isn't a big deal, there were 8 of us out last Saturday but we've had up to 10!


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                MGMM 2009.5

                Ten year anniversary this year!!

                Ride map.JPG

                You're only young once but you can ride a monkey forever.

                Red Z50AK2 U 1974 - Blue Z50AK2 U 1973 - Yellow Z50AK2 U 1974 - 2 x Gold ST70 K0 DAX
                Red ST50 DAX registration lapsed - XL250S 1978 - 3 x SUZUKI TC185 1974/1975 - TS185 1990


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                  How time flys, I just watched your video again - lots of great memories there Pat, I even completed the ride on a stock 50 cc Monkey- I must have been possessed.


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                    The OLD good Days!! miss them big time!!!