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    Originally posted by Peter View Post
    That's why we're always looking for the grippiest tyres, or tires, for those who can't spell, so we can ride upside down.
    vegemite and shrimps hold us on on terra firma
    its engine oil madge ,,,
    Your soaking in it ,,!!


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      Originally posted by G Man View Post
      happy 4th of July Mad Max - I got an uncle in Florida who I see from time to time that likes minibikes too.
      I was just talking about china monkeys today - what eng size Max? how does it handle for a china bike.
      rgds G Man....
      G Man, 125 Skyteam labelled motor. Four speed, 1 down 3 up trans. Once I get it broke in more, I think it will rev through each gear well.
      Heres the funny thing on handling which caught me off guard. I thought the handling stunk, a real spine jarrer, no rear travel.
      So I get a swingarm and piggy back shocks... I pull the stock shocks and the swingarm is stuck in place! I loosen the swingarm pivot bolts and the swingarm drops LOL. So the swingarm pivot bolts were cranked so tight there was no rear suspension action. Never road it again with the stock shocks though.
      With the new swingarm & shocks the rear feels pretty good. The forks work decent, but could use heavier oil at some point.
      All in all it goes around corners good enough, with its knobby tierz...
      Fire the motor, twist the throttle... life is good.


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        what a wild wilder beast you got on your hands there Mad Max. sounds like your boys over there riding them wild bucking bulls for 10 secs if they can hold on!!!!
        my mate bongo here in WA Australia says keep away from this Skyteam Monkey but something keeps drawing me to it. brand new with on road lic for $2000 AUD

        thanks for the technical advise man, I might still be tempted to dip my foot in the water with the Skyteam 125 monkey - you will be the first to know if I get one.

        get yourself a copy of Mad Max the Road Warrior and watch it Max that is the name as it was released in the States - here in Aust it was called Mad Max 2.

        "Im the Knight Rider baby - im a fuel injected suicide machine!!! - the Toecutter, he knows who I am!!!" rgds G Man....

        P.S - im loving your Nascar racing Max - I watch it every week - different winner every week - watch our Aussie Marcos Ambrose from Tasmania Australia..


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          Cheers G Man
          I have watched Mad Max a few times over the years - always liked the KZ1000's as I use to have one.
          Anything china made is going to suffer in quality. Its how you catch it on how long your (my) junk lasts.
          Tightening bolts & nuts, replacing bolts & nuts, stretching chain among other things. The stock chain stretched badly after every ride - I replaced it.
          My clutch cable did break and I'm waiting for a replacement.
          And one folding bar mount was cracked upon arrival. But its buzzing all over. Got a second motor lined up...
          Till then, ride it.

          Cracked bar mount

          And fix

          Buzz bomb!

          Fire the motor, twist the throttle... life is good.


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            Hello Ernie and welcome aboard.


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              Holy Sheet!!!
              Six years later and I'm still a monkey! Hope all the normal crew is good around here, and not drinking Corona virus (beer).
              I have taken to riding on the left and popping the rear wheel of the ground lol. Thanks to you.
              All good in Wa state in the US, except for our clusterf#ck government throwing us back 100 years.
              380 kms on my china Gorilla.
              Fun group 'round here and cheers. Stay well all.

              Fire the motor, twist the throttle... life is good.