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  • RR77 custom M

    Selling my custom M.
    No point updating the build thread as I'm done with photobucket and there's no pics in there now anyway.
    Just though those that were interested can check out the pics in the ebay listing.
    Having a break from the monkey bikes for a while while I concentrate on family and new work venture.

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    good luck with the sale and your new venture
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      Best of luck mate. You better come back!


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        Originally posted by davidl5419 View Post
        Best of luck mate. You better come back!
        I'm not going anywhere. I still look through here every day..
        I've been busy setting up a surfboard factory here on the farm. I'll be concentrating on making vintage style surfboards and restoration work.
        I still have heaps of frames and parts so I'll be back into them soon as everything settles down.

        Whats the story with photobucked? How much does it cost to be able to share your pics.
        Bit disappointing, All the time put into making threads and now they are basically useless!


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          Good luck with the sale, amazing little bike (like all your builds).
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            I know how you feel Levi, I've been laying very low for quite a while now. I am usually still here lurking in the background.
            Not sure what's happened to Photobucket. I don't use it anyway - I've always hated it.
            ​Too many bikes, not enough ride days.