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z50a k2 parts needed to get a bike back on the road.

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  • z50a k2 parts needed to get a bike back on the road.

    Hey so im after a few things for my z50 k2 to get the bike complete enough to pass a roadworthy. My bike is a u type and unfortunately nearly everything from or related to the lights and wiring/electrical system is missing. Im trying to make an effort to stick with genuine parts and i realize how difficult this may be considering the amount of things missing however if this thread leads to just one thing being ticked off the list thats better then nothing.

    so the current list is as follows:

    -Main harness
    -indicator relay
    -battery box/related battery bits (i believe there's a small section of wiring that connects to the main harness from the battery?)
    -indicator/horn switch
    -anything else you may know that is vital to the u type thats not on this list.

    ---Also maybe more importantly im after some fork uppers as mine have no tabs to mount anything to. Even though my bike is a u type id actually almost rather a pair of import/k1 forks as i plan on taking the indicators off after roadworthy is done. So as long as they at least have headlight mounts and fit the hardtail frame im interested . Alternatively if anyone has any headlight tabs lying around or even an otherwise un serviceable pair of uppers so long as the tabs are there i may be able to repair mine.

    -Im after some handlebars too. at the moment im thinking about using some from a qa50. i believe the parts to make it work are the actual bars them selves as well as the top triple tree plate they connect to so if u have those bits that would be great.

    I have a fairly decent condition and complete pair of Kawasaki kv75 bars that id be willing to trade for anything off this list other than that im fairly flexible payment wise and of course will cover shipping cost should they incur.

    Please let me know if you have anything lying around! thanks for your help

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    Hi joepayne
    I have indicator mounts & a couple of other bits like rectifier & indicator relay. I have restored plenty of these & have found CHP to be the best for parts. There is also a lot of repro parts available in Australia from Neil at Honda z50 reproduction & genuine parts for sale.

    These are my indicator mounts

    If you are buying an aftermarket loom that is made for American bikes, you need to order a matching ignition switch & loom from a K1 because their K2s don't have a battery - you just have to add 3 wires for the indicators.
    I have a Kawasaki kv75 that I am going to restore one of these days so your handlebars may come in handy for me
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      Hi. I'm pretty sure i have a loom and new or used headlight. will check tomorrow.


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        Thanks for the leads z50aye, will look them up. Im interested in your relay and rectifier, ill see if i can figure out how to send u a pm!.

        Hi cubster, sounds good. Will hear from you then.