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  • Burning oil

    I am the owner of a Z50J 1977 white tank model. The bike is a bit rough but starts ok and my family has been using it regularly but it always smokes and will eventually foul the plug.

    So I ordered on ebay a china 50cc E22 head, cylinder and piston kit. The new piston looked a bit smaller with a flat top where as the original had a dome top. Installed everything, did the cam timing and valve gaps, and it started but ran rough and would not idle or run for very long. After I checked points, carby and spark I then checked compression and it was only 80psi. Long story short is that I have now read somewhere that the early 6 volt motors had shorter con rods and may not be compatible with the china components? Has anyone actually tried this.

    I am at the stage where I might have to reinstall the original bits just to check that everything is still ok. Thanks in advance for any help


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    The one you bought would be for 12v 50cc. It is different to 6v
    still learning.....


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      Ok Thanks. So I have had a look at my original head and cylinder to see what needs doing and it looks like the exhaust valve stem seal is missing completely. According to the parts diagram the inlet normally has no seal but the the exhaust should have a seal, a cap and a spring seat. Mine has none of these.