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    Might have to sell my project bikes as the mrs needs an op and i dont want her waitng months on a list. Ive been trying to raise funds other ways but no luck.
    I'll set out all the bits and take piccy's on the weekend. I'd like it to go to someone on here if possible and it would be a job lot. I doubt I'd be getting back into them but I'd still be haunting the site.
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    Sorry to hear mate, hope it all works out.


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      No good, sorry to hear it.

      I am still after some J1 parts if you have any hanging around?
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        im about to put 2 bikes back together , im keen to see whats available. sorry to here about your misses


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          Some things are just more important. All the best.
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            All the best mate.


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              Garage sale ,,,,?

              How big is it ,,?

              All the best to your better half peter .
              its engine oil madge ,,,
              Your soaking in it ,,!!


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                sorry to hear that Peter, all the best to you and the mrs.
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                  She had a bad fall a little while back and it ain't getting better. If she goes on waiting list it would be months.
                  Once I thought I was wrong, I was mistaken