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XR50/XR70 Interchangeability

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  • XR50/XR70 Interchangeability

    Hey all,
    I have a mint 2002 XR70 owned since new. Upgrading the XR70 ain't easy unless you just swap motors...

    I am looking to upgrade the suspension on it to get more travel (there are no direct swaps).
    The head bearings are the same on the 50 & 70, so I am hoping a long travel fork (and 50 steering stem on the 70) might swap in? I am also hoping a extended (12cm) XR 50 swingarm will bolt up clearing a 12" wheel? Adding a slightly longer CRF50 shock and a shock extender.
    I hope to run 14"/12" wheels as the XR70 does.

    Anyone having experience with mixing XR 50 parts on a XR70?


    Fire the motor, twist the throttle... life is good.

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    I'll answer some of it for us. Apparently yes, a XR50 swingarm will fit on a XR70. Plus 5" is what I'm looking at and its in stock. 12" disc wheel to boot.
    The forks are tougher, but I have found a 660mm fork, waiting to see if they come out of a shipping container.
    I have a 150cc engine already. We'll see how it goes,,,
    Fire the motor, twist the throttle... life is good.


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      im not 100% sure but i think some people use kx 65 ? or the klx 110 ? front and rear suspension to lift them up.
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