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Daughter made me buy it..

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  • Daughter made me buy it..

    Found another K0 this morning, and Belle forced me to buy it. 20 miles from my house- solid bike, running, inside tank is spotless, original tires, complete exhaust, and not a crack on the fenders. Some minor flaws- believe the brass overflow tube is cracked in the carb (simple solder fix), missing air cleaner, seat could use some love, couple misc bolts have been replaced. Owner wanted $550, got it for $450 (and my wife is making me give up another shelf in our closet). Couldn't get the $$ out fast enough. Will look good next to my sprout K0.. if the paint shop ever gets to it.

    GB, WI. USA


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    That's a cracker mate, really great find at any price. I can help out with shipping if you want to park it in my shed.!! Cheers Mal.


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      I wouldn't be arguing with her, she looks pretty determined.
      Heh, who needs closet space, just shed space, besides, what wrong with bedroom floor for clothes storage.
      Offer the painters an extra carton if they finish it quicker. :-)
      Once I thought I was wrong, I was mistaken


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        Looks to be a good buy .
        Wont be long , belle will be strapping a helmet on for a blat round the hills hoist
        its engine oil madge ,,,
        Your soaking in it ,,!!