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Stock 1973 ST70, will 4.00-10 tyres fit.???

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  • Stock 1973 ST70, will 4.00-10 tyres fit.???


    I'm new here and have a newby question.
    I apologise if this has been covered, I was unable to find anything in my searches.

    My completely stock1973 ST70 needs new tyres, it still has the original 3.50-10in tyres.
    It has only been registered for 2 separate years, back in 1973 and then again in 1989 and has only covered around 2300 miles.

    I doubt it will ever be registered again however I want to be able to give it a run in the scrub or on our property every now and then.

    Will 4.00x10in tyres fit under the big front guard and next to the chain on the rear?
    I hope to use off road Bridgestone Trail wings similar to the original CT70 tyres.
    I need new tubes too. Is there anything special I need to know prior to ordering these? the original tubes have straight valve stems which I imagine are offset..
    Is there a preferred supplier here in Australia..?

    I'm looking forward to getting the ST70 running, its always started first go, and kicking up some dust..

    Thanks in advance and this is now my favourite site,


    Alice Springs