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Honda ct70 1975 question please

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  • Honda ct70 1975 question please

    Not sure if I asked this before, I canít really find the tread.
    I have a 1975 ct70, it has some external rust, it appears to be surf rust, i will like to improve the looks with out restoration, i want to keep it as original as it is.
    Any suggestions on improving the chromes?
    Also i posted pictures of the inside of the frame, what do you guys think? I want to apply some kind of protection inside against rust. Should I lightly sand inside with a steel wool 00 and then apply rustoleum rust inhibitor? Its an oil based coat, not paint.


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    With the frame can use this kit:

    Cleaning Rusty Chrome:

    Aluminum Foil Method

    The aluminum foil method is one of the most effective ways to clean, protect and enhance your chrome. This is down to the chemical reaction that is created during the cleaning process.
    • Remove all dirt and debris from the surface of the chrome using a soft sponge and clean water.
    • Dip aluminum foil into clean water. Water with a little salt added works best as the salts and electrolytes in the water can help to speed up the chemical reaction. Tear small strips of foil to use on rusted chrome areas.
    • Rub the piece of foil backward and forwards over any spots of rust, paying particular attention to heavily rusted areas. The aluminum in the foil actually helps to file over, fill and seal each rust spot and the results can last a very long time.
    • Once you have finished removing the rust, wipe the entire area you have been working on with a wet cloth to rinse away any residue. Dry thoroughly with a dry cloth.
    The Metal Polish Method

    Did you know that polishing your car regularly with the right polish can help to remove and prevent rust? Using a 4-in-1 Metal Polish such as AutoSol, for example, can help to remove any surface dirt and rust and help to stop rust from occurring in the future. This type of product is extremely versatile as it can also clean and polish other metals on your car such as aluminum, nickel and stainless steel. Itís a great all-rounder product to have handy and can also clean household stainless steel and silver and gold.
    • Chrome polish may be more expensive than other methods that use household objects, but a quality product will ensure quick and complete removal.
    • Before applying the polish, clean the area using a soft cloth or sponge and soapy water. This will help to ensure all dust, dirt and debris is removed and give you a clear area to work with. If the surface is very dirty, adding a little vinegar into your water can help to remove more stubborn stains.
    • Apply metal polish to all rusted areas. Use a soft cloth to spread the cleaning polish on the rusted chrome and ensure it is covered completely. A soft cloth is essential to avoid scratching the surface.
    • Using very fine steel or brass wool, rub the chrome in a circular motion taking care not to apply too much pressure.
    • Rinse the area with clean water to reveal a beautifully polished and rust-free chrome finish.
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      For minimum effort for the rust on the inside of your frame try brushing on a rust convertor
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