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what to paint inside the frame and other dumb questions!

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  • what to paint inside the frame and other dumb questions!

    Hi team,
    So I just used a can of Fergusons ko-66 knock out rust on my frame and had to spend a couple of hours and two containers of turps to scrub it all (well most of it) off. The guy at the shop said it would be black and dry like paint... fail. It was poo brown, lumpy as hell and does not dry - as you guys probably know- it looked terrible and so as best I could I have taken it all off.
    So do I now paint it with kill-rust from bunnings? I really wanted it to be black and clean underneath and on the inside..
    so far I have gone from this
    to 2 pack clear paint scrubbed off to make it matt
    Also I have realised that the swing arm from this bike is super bent, so I am wanting to get a new swing arm and USD fork set for disc brakes front and back- can I use 10" or 12" wheels from a monkey bike if they have 4 stud pattern? Also do I need a wide swing arm? What size wheels should I be looking for?
    Do you guys have any preference for engines? Do you think it is worth going large on a super nice engine like this 140cc from OOracing
    or more standard fare from Aus
    All this is long term planning, mainly I just want to get that frame stabilised and it can sit as long as it has to until the big purchases are ready to come, but I really would like to nail down what parts I need and where they might need to come from.
    Sorry for all the dumb questions (there will be more to come), thanks for your help

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    Have a look at webike for custom parts if u haven't yet.

    For engine, there are heaps on eBay. I personally like yx140 (have used 3 on 2 gorilla and 1 dax) but the gpx125 seem to be the more popular ones. There are also many more others.
    still learning.....


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      Originally posted by subtlefly View Post
      I woulda just cleared over this - that looks great!
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        Ok yeh,
        I did purposely choose a wrecked out frame like this so that I would not upset people by "wrecking" a classic bike by adding aftermarket parts etc.. but I can see that there is always a down side! Sorry Diggs to be such a heathen but its done, the plan was always to achieve something like classified motos Junior
        Anyways looks like black killrust it will be on the inside.
        Yes I have been looking at webike and also motorkit which have some great parts but I am not seeing the exact wheels that I want
        Here have a look at this kepspeed set
        These wheels are cool but they are for drum brakes at the back, and I want to have disc setup front and back, is this something you can just take off?
        When you are looking at generic wheels that do not just say... for Dax, how do you know if you can make them fit?
        Like these?
        What exactly am I looking for - or is there always a part or shim you can get to make it fit? That is also why I am asking about the wider swing arm- at what point do you need to start looking at the wider and longer swing arm options?

        The OOracing engine that I posted starts its life as a yx140 and then they start tricking it out- so my question was is it worth it, for the extra up spec parts and the extra 4HP over a lifan 140- do you think you would notice the difference.
        Thanks team, like I said it is a long term project but I am really interested in nailing down which way to go and what suppliers to use,
        Thanks heaps and please keep the advice and feedback coming (good and bad!)
        I really appreciate your time and knowledge


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          If buying through oor ,,
          Give them a call or email them on what bits you will need ,
          Monkey disc hub " to suit dax " , spacer ,,etc
          Their braced birdcage swing arms look tops ,,
          One of our members bikes
          its engine oil madge ,,,
          Your soaking in it ,,!!