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  • ST70 its on!

    Hi team,
    I just bought this beast for $350 and would like to trick it out like Classified motos Junior

    So what do I need to know? I think that I did ok for the price of the frame, but am I dreaming to think I can get something like Junior registered?
    Oh and what year do you think it is, because of the chrome honda badge I am thinking it is 1972 (as old as me!)
    Frame ST70-143238
    Engine ST70E 127531

    Oh and why does it say 49cc on the engine? I thought it was a 70cc??

    Its going to be an adventure so I will be sure to be asking plenty of dumb questions..
    Let me know what you think and which bits you think are more important to know than others!
    Thanks and have a great day

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    Welcome and good luck on your dream. That's a cool looking bike.
    It won't go through rego as it is in the pic, but most of us get rego and then personalise it to our taste.
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      Gee that's a tough starting point.

      Engine could be a 49cc replacement/swapped out at some stage or had a 49cc barrel put on it

      You can register the st70 but it will be a lot of work and dollarydoos

      I like the idea of where you're heading though. Will be fun to watch
      Life is too short for cheap carbs...


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        Custom could be the only way to go these days, the original parts are spiraling out of control in the price department!
        It looks like a solid, straight starting point and for a good price. Be prepared to spend about tens times what you bought it for!


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          The Dax was also released as a 50cc. The best way to register it is to join the VJMC in your area and register it on Historic Registration. You are better off putting the original motor in a safe place and bolting in a Chinese pitbike motor they bolt straight in and are easily available on Ebay cheaply.