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    Finally found a little ATC70. It was a 6hr round trip only to have the seller forget i was coming. Luckily a bearby family member could come help me get it as id already paid for it. It was too cheap to let go in my opinion and ive wanted one for ages.
    I dont plan to restore it, i just want to get it running and enjoy it. All 3 tyres are split so i will have to replace them. Motor is missing the pull start cord and cover so that will be fun. Engine turns over and appears to have good compression. Unsure what path to take with that just yet.

    Anyway i pulled it apart to get a good idea what it needs and found it had a rats nest inside (good times)

    Tires im thinking Duro 16x8-7
    Or should i just by cheap ebay specials?

    Im not mecahnically monded so the motor will have to go to someone more experienced for a look over. I would have liked to do the 110 swap with e start but dont want to turn it into a money pit.

    Any advice on pull cord and cover other than usa?

    Thanks in advance
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    Cool to see another atc build ,,

    Atc heaven " in oz " for your bits ,,
    its engine oil madge ,,,
    Your soaking in it ,,!!